Louis Paspal, an engineer with the automaker for the past 12 years, has seen alternatives like electric vehicles come and go in response to public demand for better fuel economy and emissions. “Hydrogen”, he says, “is the one that’s going to work.”

President Bush, Louis Paspal and many others are talking about a car that will run using Hydrogen only. But the technology and all the infrastructure necessary will take about 10 more years to be ready. So, what can we do in the main time?

The answer is a HYBRID:  Gasoline + Hydrogen


Yes! Your car, my car, everybody’s car can run on gasoline + hydrogen TODAY!

The technology that we are talking about is some 85 years old – we have official US patents from the 1920’s describing this technology as the “common knowledge of those days!”

Some say it has origins in the fog of World War II, where it is said to have been used on U.S. aircrafts during the war. One story has it that as pilots flew their aircraft close to the surface of the water, they noticed a dramatic increase in the power and performance of their engines. For reasons that remain obscure, this technology has never reached the public.