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Hydrogen FAQ

1.How do I refill with water and how much?
Remove the water tank cap and add distilled water to the maximum level.

2.How can a Hydrogen on demand improve my mileage? Will I still get the same power I have come to expect from my vehicle?
Adding a hydrogen-oxygen mix (also called HHO) to the fuel system on an internal combustion engine, increases the combustion of the gasoline (or diesel). This can be compared to putting a super high grade of gasoline in your engine. You will get better overall performance, increased horsepower and gas mileage. You can expect 20% to 40% increase gas mileage. It will all depend on the type of car, engine size and driving habits.

3.Is is difficult to install?
No. It is a plug and play unit. Every unit will arrive with detailed installation instructions. The procedure is pretty straight forward and should not take longer than a couple of hours.

4.Should I add NAOH (Sodium Hydroxide) every time I fill up with water?
No, the NAOH is slowly being consumed by the electrolysis reaction. Thus you do not have to add NAOH every time you fill up. Most of the time you will simply be filling up with distilled water alone. The box runs about 12 to 50 amps.

5.What happens if my HHO BOX runs dry?
It will turn off. No harm will be done to the electrodes. You will be simply running your car with gasoline only and you will not experience any savings.

6.Can I add a PWM to my HHO Box and what would be the benefit?
Yes. You can add a Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) to your HHO BOX. A PWM will make your unit more user friendly since you will not have to worry about the NAOH concentration and can manually control the amps flow to the HHO Box.

7.If I run my car with the HHO Box will I get rust or corrosion in my engine?
No. The fossil fuel (gas or diesel) produces more than enough hit during combustion that when the HHO burns and converts back to water, the engine temps are high enough to keep it as a vapored steam until it exits the exhaust system.

8.Will this system work with fuel injected and carburetor cars?
Yes they will. For engines with a carburetor connect the HHO outlet venture hose directly over the carburetor into the throttle body orifice located right over the carburetor.
On fuel injected engines, connect the HHO outlet hose to the venture into the air intake as close to the throttle body assembly as possible.

9.What type of guarantee do you offer on your system?
We guarantee our product for 1 year: Manufacture defects only.

10.Do I need to turn the unit off when not in use?
No. The unit is connected to the ignition switch so, every time you turn the engine off, the unit will turn off with it. WARNING: because the unit is connected to the ignition switch, never leave the key ON without the engine running. Ex: do not leave the key ON while listening to the radio/CD.

11.Are you working on producing other units?
Yes, we are… We are always researching and developing new products. All the new products will be added to our website as soon as they are tested and ready to be put on the market.

*NOTE: Always wear latex disposable gloves and safety eye wear when dealing with the unit.

FAQ – Water Injection

1.How the Water Injection works?
It works with a vacuum switch. Every time you step on the gasoline pedal the vacuum drops and a mist of water is injected on the top of the carburetor or the throttle body. It has a solenoid by the water injector to close the flow to prevent dripping. The water injector size will depend on the engine size. And this product works with tap water, distilled water or drinking water

2.Does water injection works for normally aspirated cars?
Yes. Water injection can benefit normal aspirated engines. You may be able to run more timing advance or lean the fuel mixture and get more power and increase MPG. You will also benefit from the cleaning properties of water injection as it will remove carbon buildup on the pistons.

3.Is it true that the water can cause internal engine rust?
Absolutely not! You do not need to be concerned about rusting the engine from the inside out. No water will be inside the engine when the engine is shut-off. Any water that is injected is immediately turned to steam either before it reaches the combustion chamber, or certainly after it gets there! It then exits the engine with the rest of the exhaust.

4.How big should the water tank be?
It depends on your application. One of our units has the set up with a 3 quarts water tank and you can add a second water tank because it will use the water from the vehicle water tank. For example, on a RV the water can be supplied from the RV’s water main tank. For a truck you can install a 5 gallon water tank on the cargo area.

5.What if I run out of water?
The shurflo pump included with the kit can run for a very long time without water. Having said that, it is best to turn off the pump if no water is currently available. If your car’s engine is tuned to the point where it depends on water to prevent engine damage, you will certainly want to install a tank that includes a level sensor, or install a water pressure gauge in the cabin area.

6.How much alcohol should I mix in the water to avoid freezing in the winter months?
Do not run more than a 50% by volume mixture of distilled water and alcohol as it may cause the pump seals to swell.


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